Caring for children with special needs throughout
New York State

We strive to improve the lives of medically fragile children through clinical excellence, communication, and compassionate care. With multiple locations throughout New York, accompanied by qualified aides, registered nurses (RNs) and licensed practical nurses (LPNs), Always Compassionate Home Care provides high-quality care for children with complex medical issues—from birth to age 23—in the comfort of their homes or schools.

Our pediatric clinicians are equipped to accompany your child to school and ensure he/she receives the proper medical care during daily activities.

Our typical pediatric patient comes to us requiring services that may include needing an invasive device, such as a G-tube or tracheostomy, are ventilator-dependent or respiratory compromised, or have seizure disorders such as epilepsy.


Our Pediatric Clinicians Can Help Your Child at School

Not only will our pediatric clinicians help your child at home, but they can also accompany him/her to school to provide proper medical care 24/7. Always Compassionate Home Care has contracts with several school districts throughout the counties we serve. Ask your child’s school administrators for a list of approved providers so your child gets the care he/she needs.

Our Process

1. Comprehensive home evaluation
2. Team assignment
3. Care plan development
4. Monitoring through Patient Portal

Initial Assessment

All our pediatric patients receive an initial assessment by our clinical team, where the patient’s needs and requirements are evaluated. After identifying individual needs in detail, the staff will set up “Meet and Greets” with nurses qualified to treat the patient’s specific condition(s).

Support Team Assignment

Based on feedback from the “Meet and Greets,” the patient and family will be assigned a support team consisting of a coordinator and pediatric clinician who are best suited to care for your child’s unique circumstances.

Nursing Schedule Development

Schedules can range from round-the-clock care to weekly visits, depending on the patient’s needs.

Ongoing Support

The online patient portal is where physicians and the Always Compassionate clinical team will provide frequent medical updates in realtime. Families can login at any time to see a current status of their child’s care. Families can also connect with clinical staff 24/7.

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